Employment Application


  • Please detach this instruction page prior to giving the application form to the applicant.
  • Please note that while ADP Resource® has made this model employment application available in Word format, we generally advise against making changes and therefore are unable to make any changes on your behalf.  This form should not be considered legal advice.  Any changes made should be reviewed by your counsel.  
  • This employment application can be used by applicants for any position within your company.



  • Some states require employers to wait until late in the selection process to ask about convictions. The policy rationale is that an employer is more likely to objectively assess the relevance of an applicant’s conviction if it becomes known when the employer is already knowledgeable about the applicant’s qualifications and experience.  As a best practice, and consistent with applicable laws, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC” - the federal government agency that enforces anti-discrimination laws) recommends that employers not ask about convictions on job applications and that, if and when they make such inquiries, the inquiries be limited to convictions for which exclusion would be job related for the position in question and consistent with business necessity.   For this reason, there are no criminal record inquiries included with this application.
  • We strongly recommend that clients conduct appropriate criminal background checks on all applicants after a contingent offer of employment has been extended.  In addition, clients must employ an individualized assessment when reviewing criminal history.
  • The EEOC guidance is available on the EEOC website below:
  • For assistance in evaluating criminal history based on the EEOC guidance and potentially applicable state law please contact your Human Resources Business Partner.

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